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MANUTEXPO was appointed by ORGEXPO to act as sole official on-site freight handling agent for all General Exhibitions.

MANUTEXPO is a consortium formed and operated by the following three Companies

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Whereas the Consortium MANUTEXPO is the official partner of Orgexpo, the three member companies operate commercially independently one from each other. This means that exhibitors or stand builders have the choice to select their freight handler amongst these three companies.

MANUTEXPO with its three members have been active, nominated by Orgexpo, since January 2001 as the official and exclusive on-site freight handler for all shows taking place at Palexpo.

Manutexpo through its three member companies will provide to exhibitors as well as to stand builders a complete on-site freight handling service such as unloading/loading, supply of labour and any kind of lifting equipment such as forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts, cherry pickers, etc.

The Manutexpo member companies will provide the necessary support to any freight forwarders transporting and delivering goods to Palexpo in connection with an exhibition.

Manutexpo guarantees equal treatment to all freight forwarders.